About Me

Welcome to Aussie Allergy Mum. I am Caroline, and I am exactly that, an aussie allergy mum.

After having my second child, I was plunged into the crazy world of allergies and headed back to university to study nutrition so that when the doctors spoke, I could understand.

Like every parent I know, I set out to understand my child and our new life as well as I possibly could. I felt so alone.

And now, I bring all my expertise and experience to you through my blog, online courses and a directory of what I consider the best and most fit for purpose allergy related products around.

I hope you can find something helpful for you on this page. Jump in and draw value from my journey and experiences. And know that you are never alone on this path to caring for your family.


Hi, I’m Caroline from Aussie Allergy Mum. I am an allergy mum myself, with a uni degree in nutrition. My mission is to support families living with allergies by creating and featuring awesome allergy related products and businesses to help save you time and energy and make life simpler.

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