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I’m not sure about you, but every Christmas there is an abundance of lollies and treats everywhere you go. School, work, parties, family gatherings, friend gatherings, everywhere. So here is my list of additive free lolly options you can buy right now at the supermarket.

I keep a supply of these on hand to swap out with my daughter, and only offer these to kids I am filling with sugar. Now speaking of sugar, none of these are sugar-free, at all! So moderation is key, but Christmas is often an exception also.

Let’s have a look at the best options.

  1. Malteasers- these are a good swap for smarties or m&ms which have food colours. They have a relatively small amount of chocolate on them also. I bought some the other day in a cute box with a santa suit for a gift.
  2. Twix- this is my pick of chocolate bars for less additives. And pretty yummo too!
  3. Nestle Milky Bar- white chocolate is a good choice if you are trying to avoid natural food chemicals like amines. This is also preservative free and colour free.
  4. Werther’s Original Toffees- these are an additive free option that kids love for the creamy flavour. Can’t say I would say no to one of these either!
  5. Pascal White Marshmallows- no colours, no additives, simple ingredients and just plain yum! You can use these for decorations or in cute Christmas treats. Add a strawberry and make a little Santa hat.
  6. Natural Confection Company lollies- with lots of choice in shape and no artificial colours of additives, these are a great one to have in the cupboard for when you need a slightly better but still awesomely tasty treat.

In the end, Christmas is a time for sweet treats, but there is ways to make these treats slightly healthier in the additives department.

Hope this helps you when you head out to do your Christmas shopping this weekend.

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